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IMAGINE THAT! Artisans Designs, downtown Duncan, BC, Canada IMAGINE THAT! Artisans Designs, downtown Duncan, BC, Canada
Imagine That! Artisans' Designs, 251 Craig Street, Duncan, BC V9L 1W2, 250-748-6776

Welcome to Imagine That!

Painting by Laurel Hibbert
Painting by Laurel Hibbert

Imagine That! is an artisan-run co-operative store in Duncan in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Midway between Victoria and Nanaimo, the Cowichan Valley is renowned for its high concentration of artists per capita. Our store shows the finest local art and craft pieces, featuring artists' paintings, photography, works in clay, glass, wood, metal and fibre. We offer an ever changing selection from some of the best artists in the Cowichan Valley and on Vancouver Island.

We celebrate imagination and fine craftsmanship.

Imagine That! invites visitors to British Columbia to come to beautiful Vancouver Island. Spend some time here, to enjoy the area and to take home artwork and gifts by our Island artists and artisans. Situated in busy downtown Duncan City Square, our storefront entices passers-by with delightful window displays.

For the more than 70 artists whose work is featured in the shop, the importance of hand-made is clear, and there is a personal story behind each piece they create. Artists come from as close as a few blocks away, from throughout the greater Cowichan Valley, as well as from some of our adjacent smaller islands. Each artist has transformed their passion for creativity into beautiful and functional pieces.

Artists at Imagine That! are always bringing new work that pushes at the creative edge, keeping things lively and fresh. Jewellery made from unexpected materials, wind chimes from salvaged pieces of silver service, bird houses that incorporate found objects, pottery that finds new expression in form and function. Such pieces allow for a bit of fun and quirkiness, also a trademark of hand-made.

Shopping at Vancouver Island's premier artisans co-operative is like visiting seventy top notch art galleries all at once. Exquisitely hand crafted works of art hang from the rafters, cover the walls, line the shelves and grace the large store windows at Imagine That!


Please come and support your local artists.

Store Hours

Tuesday To Friday: 11 - 4pm

Saturday: 10 - 3pm

Closed Sunday and Monday.

What's New at Imagine that!

Featured Artists from April 29 to May 27, 2022

Wooden Box by Robert Andrews
Wooden Box by Robert Andrews
Magnificent Wooden Boxes: Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews creates beautiful hand-crafted boxes from selected hardwoods found on Mayne Island.

His boxes are finished in a variety of ways: a smooth velvety touch on the exterior, a superb use of live edge features, or a special colour enhancement. From the tiniest of boxes which might hold one precious piece to larger boxes which could corral all of your electronic devices, his boxes are a treasure.

Painting by Laurel Hibbert
Painting by Laurel Hibbert
Laurel Hibbert: So Much Joy

I spent my childhood as the last of five children, in almost complete freedom and joy. I believe these carefree days allowed me to develop an imagination that has carried me through life.

My heart is tied forever to little houses, strong women and their daily tasks and the sheer vitality of children. I hope that my work can lift the spirits of those who see them.

Featured Artists from May 27 to June 30, 2022

Painting by Michael Dean
Painting by Michael Dean
Michael Dean: Island Impressions

Artist Michael Dean captures the history and spirit of Vancouver Island in his realistic impressions of working coastal vessels, forests and beach scenes.

Using both watercolours and oils, Michael’s paintings convey a strong sense of three-dimensional light-filled space, and are known for their finely crafted details


Glass Fusion by William Reynolds
Glass Fusion by William Reynolds
William Reynolds: Glass Fusion

William studied at the Ontario College of Art and Ryerson University before moving west where he began working in stained glass. .

He expanded into warm glasswork, and by heating and layering artisan glass he achieves a third dimension to his art, amplifying and reflecting light, bring life to the subject. Every hand-crafted piece is unique, and most are suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

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New Artwork at Imagine That!

Michael Dean

Sombrio Beach by Michael Dean
Sombrio Beach by Michael Dean

Michael Dean has been drawing and painting Vancouver Island and British Columbia coastal scenes for almost 40 years. His main interests have been working coastal vessels and historical coastal scenes.

Joe Barton

Birdhouse by Joe Barton
Birdhouse by Joe Barton

Fabulous bird houses, wonderfully characterized with drift wood. Created by Joe Barton, any birdie would be proud to call one home..

Janet McDonald, Pillow Covers

Janet McDonald, Pillow Cover
Janet McDonald, Pillow Cover

Janet McDonald works in acrylic and oils depending on her subject matter and objectives. Janet has scanned a selection of her paintings, had them printed on 100% natural linen/cotton blend fabric and made into beautiful pillow covers.