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IMAGINE THAT! Artisans Designs, downtown Duncan, BC, Canada IMAGINE THAT! Artisans Designs, downtown Duncan, BC, Canada
Imagine That! Artisans' Designs, 251 Craig Street, Duncan, BC V9L 1W2, 250-748-6776

Welcome to Imagine That!

Pottery by Sandi Madsen
Pottery by Sandi Madsen

Imagine That! is an artisan-run co-operative store in Duncan in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Midway between Victoria and Nanaimo, the Cowichan Valley is renowned for its high concentration of artists per capita. Our store shows the finest local art and craft pieces, featuring artists' paintings, works in clay, glass, wood, metal and fibre. We offer an ever changing selection from over 90 of the best artists in the Cowichan Valley and on Vancouver Island.

We celebrate imagination and fine craftsmanship.

Imagine That! invites visitors to British Columbia to come to beautiful Vancouver Island. Spend some time here, to enjoy the area and to take home artwork and gifts by our Island artists and artisans. Situated in busy downtown Duncan City Square, our storefront entices passers-by with delightful window displays.

Shopping at Vancouver Island's premier artisans co-operative is like visiting ninety top notch art galleries all at once. Exquisitely hand crafted works of art hang from the rafters, cover the walls, line the shelves and grace the large store windows at Imagine That!

Store Hours for January through to March 31:

Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Closed on Sundays

What's New at Imagine That!

Featured Artist from March 8 - 29, 2019

Expressions in Pottery
Pottery by Marjorie Wicks
Expressions in Pottery

This March we celebrate the beauty and diversity of pottery created by artists at Imagine That! Our display windows will be filled with the artistry of Vivian Bodnar, Susan Crowe, Hilary Huntley, Christina Lindstrom, Sandi Madsen, Lee Stead, and Marjorie Wicks.

Expressions in Pottery
Pottery by Christina Lindstrom
Expressions in Pottery cont'd

Featured Artists from March 29 - May 3, 2019

Member Window
Member Showcase
Member Showcase

We salute the talents and commitment of five of our members this month. These artists go above and beyond to contribute their time and skills to our operations, helping to make Imagine That! a success.

On display in our windows will be the artistry of Katie Daniel (rag rugs and other fibre arts), Sandra Greenaway (Kimono and other fibre arts), Robin Millan (mixed media) Carolyn Morris (beewax candles), and Veronica Scott (stained glass mosaics).

Kimono by Sandra Greenaway
Member Showcase
Member Showcase cont'd

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New Artwork at Imagine That!

Hilary Huntley, Potter

Pottery by Hilary Huntley
Pottery by Hilary Huntley

Hilary is a mother, wife, potter, an artist, a cyclist, a hiker, a teacher, an outdoor enthusiast, canoe lover, and a natural leader. She makes beautiful pottery for everyday use.

Bryan Wilson, Ink Artist

Artwork by Bryan Wilson
Artwork by Bryan Wilson

Bryan is a West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island artist living In the town of Youbou, a small community on the north side of Cowichan Lake. As a self taught artist, he has tried many forms of art but considers himself an ink artist, drawing with pens on different styles of paper.

Renae Lehmann, Rusted Garden Art

Garden Art by Renae Lehmann
Garden Art by Renae Lehmann

Renae makes fabulous indoor/outdoor metal creations - birds, butterflies, fish, turtles, salamanders - as standing sculptures, and wind chimes.